Tackling childhood obesity

IBH funding is sought for preparing a proposal for the EU Call „How to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic?“ Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years. More research is therefore required to identify the causes of this dramatic increase and find remedies. The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • An ecosystem promoting sound dietary habits in the young that has been validated in real‐life settings
  • A portfolio of mobile self‐management components including personalised nutritional advice, stress management and peer group support to ensure the engagement of young people.
  • Wearables using a colorimetric detection method for providing users with a visual, immediate indication of the rising level of certain metabolites such as glucose
  • Insights into how to design and implement mobile technology to change health behaviour and increase acceptance among children (e.g. through gamification).

Whilst the lead partner IPM‐FHS will contribute its expertise in mobile health, motivation and stress management, the PH Weingarten will focus on gamification, nutrition and physical sciences. For the EU proposal, additional partners will be recruited for nutrigenomics and urban design/planning to address the issue of “obesogenic” environments.

Keywords: mobile health, nutrition, obesity

Beteiligte Projektpartner: FHS St.Gallen (Projektleitung), PH Weingarten

Praxispartner: EMPA, Swissanalytics

Projektlaufzeit: 1.5.2016 – 30.6.2017